Canon Creator Lab has partnered with The Maker's Collective to present Side Hustle 101, an On Demand video course to give you the tools and strategies along with a vibrant community of creators who'll support you to confidently launch your own Side Hustle.

Whether you are newly retired & looking to turn your hobby into a new line of income, a recent graduate looking to explore entrepreneurship and create more autonomy, or a mid-career professional in search of meaningful work and an opportunity to make a change in your career, this course is what you need to transform your creativity into a thriving business.

Side Hustle 101 On-Demand includes:

You'll get access to the Side Hustle 101 workbook: a 75 page playbook with templates to support you in applying the learnings from the video lessons to grow your business.

You'll get access to the Side Hustle 101 Online Community

The SH101 On Demand community will feature LIVE weekly office hour coaching sessions, LIVE weekly planning sessions, and a LIVE monthly panel discussion with experienced side hustlers. You'll also have access to fellow community members taking the course, alumni from past versions of the live course, and much more.

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