Arius Technology Offers Highest Elevated Printing in North America with Custom Elevated Flatbed Printing System from Canon



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BRAMPTON, ON and VANCOUVER, B.C., AUG. 31, 2022 – Investing in Canon technology means acquiring the company’s knowledge, expertise and support. That’s why Canon Canada Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, is excited to share that Arius Technology Inc., a global leader in art digitization, now has the capability to provide artists with textured printing at significantly higher elevations than previously available thanks to a custom elevated flatbed printing system purchased from Canon.


Following extensive collaboration with Canon’s Production Printing division, Arius Technology has installed a custom Canon Arizona flatbed printer, the first in North America, in its new print production facility in Richmond B.C. Capable of high-resolution printing with up to 5 mm of texture, it opens new opportunities for traditional and digital artists to accurately create original prints and highly accurate replications true to their artistic intent.


As the interest in digital art and AI art creation continues to grow, artists are looking to provide collectors with physical works as well as digital files. The Arius team, with Canon print technology, is enabling photographers, digital native artists and AI iterative artists to print their works with fine art colour and texture. Traditional physical artists can work with the Arius alta studio team to iterate physical works into original print series. In addition, collectors and art institutions can have highly accurate replications done of original textured work.


“After seven years of close collaboration with Canon Production Printing in Venlo, the Netherlands, we are excited to bring this highly specialized elevated printing in-house in North America,” says Arius director of manufacturing Morgan Prentice. “By integrating cutting-edge technologies, innovative approaches and extensive know-how from Arius and Canon we have developed the Elegraph™, a new expressive platform for artists. This full-stack solution offers great possibilities for art creation and replication where the fine details of an artist’s vision in both colour and dimension can be printed with industry-leading accuracy.”


“The Arizona series features a number of award-winning technologies, including Touchstone, an optional textured printing software that instantly adds height and texture elements to otherwise two-dimensional prints,” says Nobuhiko Kitajima, President and CEO of Canon Canada. “Arius’ custom-configured Arizona flatbed printer takes elevated printing to the next level and adds new dimensions to artists’ work. Canon technology has earned industry recognition for its outstanding colour accuracy and print quality. Merging that with Arius’ ultra-high-resolution art capture technology opens new opportunities for the creative community.”


Arius offers traditional artists, photographers and digital artists software and visualization solutions, and collaborative expertise, so they can add texture to any previously flat medium. Print-ready files can be sent to the Vancouver facility from anywhere in the world. Artists and museums who wish to sell highly accurate textured prints of existing works can take advantage of the Arius leading-edge, ultra-high resolution scanning service to access Arius’ professional textured art replication service.


About Arius Technology Inc.

Arius is a world leader in ultra-high-resolution 3D color laser data capture, data analysis and data visualization for fine art. Sophisticated data processing assembles millions of data points representing color and surface geometry into the Art Digital Masterfile (ADMF™). The ADMF™ data can be used for a wide array of applications, including condition analytics, online viewing and high-fidelity replications. Arius collaborates with museums, galleries, collectors, and artists to digitize art for preservation, visualization, documentation, and authentication. Arius is now offering in-house high elevation print solutions for art creation and replication. For more information visit


About Canon Canada Inc.

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