Step 1: Update to Latest Firmware

  • Select Menu from Home Screen
  • Then select Management Settings
  • Select Remote UI Settings/Update Firmware
  • Select Update Firmware
  • Select Via Internet
  • Install firmware update (if applicable)
  • You will see a notification confirming that your firmware version is latest available
  • If firmware update is needed, turn off printer once completed
  • Turn printer on by pressing the Power Button

Note: This step is necessary for online enrollment

Step 2: How to Retrieve Serial Number, Check Digits / Verification code

  • Select Menu from Home Screen, then select Toner Delivery Settings
  • Select Register for Toner Replenishment
  • Select OK button to print serial number and check digits / verification code
  • Select Close to continue or Close to stop printing

Step 3: Activate Auto Replenishment Service

Follow on-screen instructions, if prompted. If a prompt does not appear, follow instructions below.

  • Select Toner Delivery Settings from the Home Screen
  • Select Toner Delivery Settings
  • Select Activate to begin setup
  • Select OK button after reading first confirmation screen
  • Select OK button to accept and continue setup

Step 4: Final Validation Steps

Next, you should see the validation screen below

  • Select OK button
  • If an error message occurs, follow on-screen instructions
  • Check server connection status by selecting Server Connection Status
  • You should see the following Successful screen