Canon Security Solutions

Canon Security Solutions

Canon Security Services and Solutions

Canon Security Solutions


Businesses today face significant risk. Documents and information are core assets of every business that require protection. Canon Security Solutions can help ensure that sensitive information can only be accessed, retrieved or distributed by authorized users thereby safeguarding a valuable corporate asset.


Canon Security Solutions


Canon Security Solutions, comprised of hardware and software, fall into three key areas, each helping to support your security policy goals by protecting any document that is sent, stored, copied or printed.


1. Device Security


Canon devices provide both standard and optional security capabilities providing you with the ability to authenticate users prior to device access and protection of data written to internal device hard disk drives.


2. Document Security


Canon offers a number of ways to secure documents generated and managed by Canon hardware and software technologies through secured printing, document password protection, encryption or document rights management.


3. Network Security


Standard with all current Canon devices is the capability to secure device communication through the control of ports, protocols, and PC access.

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